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Yoga - A Brief History

Yoga originated in India where it has been practiced for over 5000 years. It is a discipline of the body, breath, mind, will and intellect. It increases the power of concentration, which can lead to meditation if that is your wish. The ancients who developed Yoga had an advanced understanding of the workings of the human body and mind, leaving us with Yoga as a practical means of attaining health and happiness. It is applied as a science and is none religious.


Just once a week Yoga will considerably improve quality of life as well as performance, sporting or otherwise. Yoga asana (posture) uses the bodies own weight like conventional weights, to build strength coupled with extreme muscle control. Everything in Yoga is very slow and controlled, so although you are never out of breath, it can be as strenuous or as gentle as you wish to make it.It builds overall body strength and flexibility, makes you less prone to injury, and better able to deal with it.


A combination of eight limbs or disciplines in Yoga not only improve fitness and strength but also equip you with the state of mind for peace and success. One of these eight limbs is 'pranayama' (breathing). In 'pranayama' the entire performance of the body and mind is adjusted through breath, concentration is improved to levels of completely new experience. Pranayama assists in bringing about awareness, sharpening and evolving the senses, focusing and steadying the mind.


Yoga Movements (asana) squeeze and stretch glands and organs of the body, Yoga calms, releases, and adjusts us hormonally as well as physically; allowing ideal personal metabolism. People report a feeling of calm, improved sleeping patterns, steady resolution to mental and emotional difficulties - and an increase in energy.

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