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Yoga Audio (1hour 7mins) description

Yoga Audio (1hour 7mins) description


Yoga Audio (1hour 7mins)









A simple Yoga Audio to follow for just over an hour. I recommend you're reasonably adept at Yoga to follow this audio, but give it a gentle go and you'll find out.


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Try the audio and don't do anything that disturbs your gentle flow of breath through the nostrils, that will keep you safe and is Yoga. You will have mastered this audio when the flow of breath remains unchanged from beginning to end. Then you will feel good. There is no clear ending to the audio so that allows you to rest as long as you would like. About 15 minutes is good.

  • Download to your computer or device to practice at a time and place to suit you.
  • It is an MP3 that works on mac, windows and the majority of devices
  • You will get an email with a link to download your audio.
  • The link works twice in case there is a problem downloading
  • We will refresh your link if you have any difficulty