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One with Nature


  • Receive Let Go

    Receive Let Go

    Another well rounded Yoga session with a philosophical and practical bent towards life's comings and goings.
  • You are the World

    You are the World

    Cracking set of Yoga with some profound words and insights - good sound, good asana and a good day. Enjoy yourself x
  • Inside Out

    Inside Out

    Reasonably strong set of Yoga
  • In Meeting Out

    In Meeting Out

    Quite a leggy session of Yoga
  • Talking Awareness 1hr 9mins

    Talking Awareness 1hr 9mins

    Good little session of Yoga with some discussion on awareness. No shoulder stand.
  • Sitting Still 1hr 12mins

    Sitting Still 1hr 12mins

    This Yoga session turned into a reasonably physical set so i guess it'll improve strength and a bit of balance 
  • Great Full 1hr 13mins

    Great Full 1hr 13mins

    Straightforward Yoga session - no two the same.
  • With the Wall - 45mins

    With the Wall - 45mins

    Using the wall for the shoulder stand creates a great way to free the articulations of the spine in this reasonably rounded Yoga Session
  • Simple Yoga Session - 30mins

    Simple Yoga Session - 30mins

    Follow this simple yoga session to free the body and release tension, help flexibility and sleep patterns!
  • Mainly Leg Stretches - 21mins

    Mainly Leg Stretches - 21mins

    Good stretch set and particular for runners. Its proven that its better to stretch after exercise than before so if you are going to use these do them after your sport. BUT! They work nicely as a stand alone stretch to keep those muscles long and toned. Be careful with the wall stretches, don't over do it!!!

    You'll be needing a wall to work with!

  • The Wig - 1hr 34mins

    The Wig - 1hr 34mins

    This is a good solid strong Yoga set with the wig. There are times one needs a sense of humour and this was one of them. Change is as good as a rest.
  • Yoga 'TH' - 1hr 6mins

    Yoga 'TH' - 1hr 6mins

    Great session of Yoga, it might become a favourite!
  • One Hour Yoga "Audio" 1hr 6mins

    One Hour Yoga "Audio" 1hr 6mins

    A simple Yoga Audio to follow for just over an hour. I recommend you're reasonably adept at Yoga to follow this audio, but give it a gentle go and you'll find out. Try it and don't do anything that disturbs your flow of breath through the nostrils, that will keep you safe and is Yoga. There is no clear ending to the audio so that allows you to rest as long as you would like. About 15 minutes is good.
  • Purpose of Focus - 1hr 6mins

    Purpose of Focus - 1hr 6mins

    Its a good hour of Yoga, poor cinematography to say the least and the audios not great, but the lesson is there. If you're striving through change to freedom, heres another opportunity. It, for all its production shortfalls, hits the spot.
  • Savasana - 12mins

    Savasana - 12mins

    This simple technique to restore homeostasis to the system is from Yoga. It requires you lie down, relax your body systematically and then rest in full awareness (do not drift off or go to sleep!) Its great to do if you're tired nd need a quick energy boost or after exercise and looking to restore the body to neutral, releasing tension and allowing for repair to commence. USE A PILLOW IF YOUR HEAD IS TILTED BACK WHEN LYING DOWN!
  • About Words - 1hr 6mins

    About Words - 1hr 6mins

    This is a relatively comprehensive set of Yoga Asana covering shoulder stand, some decent backward bends, and three tri-asanas coupled together.

    Theres also a conversation about.... Words.

  • Time Questions - 1hr 9mins

    Time Questions - 1hr 9mins

    A lovely set of asana with a couple of things to consider time wise.
  • Fly Wasp Choice - 1hr 30mins

    Fly Wasp Choice - 1hr 30mins

    This Yoga set, as many of them are, is named after the short story told at the beginning. Its an intermediate set within a good half hour with reasonable video quality.

    You'll need a wall to use

  • 6 Suns Yoga - 1hr 18mins

    6 Suns Yoga - 1hr 18mins

    As the title might suggest, 6 sets of salute to the sun in this Yoga set that takes just over an hour. Reasonably physical set.