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Classes & 1-2-1
Classes & 1-2-1

Classes & 1-2-1

Four years ago having sustained a back injury I was advised to contact Adam by a friend for a consultation ,advice and treatment. Which I am happy to say was successful. He invited me to attend one of his Yoga classes which I did, although somewhat sceptically.
It wasn't easy at first but through his teaching methods, patience, support together with the encouragement of other class members I am making weekly advances.
He does not subscribe to the NO PAIN NO GAIN mantra if it hurts don't do it he says, lets find out why and then try a different way to achieve the same goal - an Holistic approach.

In January this year he invited a small group of people to trial a new class he had developed using Feldenkrais, again I went along not knowing what to expect.
It has turned out to be a very thought provoking, and stimulating experience using tiny low energy movements.
If you want to know more contact Adam or give it a try but be prepared to be surprised and amazed.