One with Nature
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Subscription Description

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For £15 a month gain access to a fabulous growing library of  audios and videos. You will find daily practices, awareness through movement lessons, yoga, meditation, mind inquiries, and unusual methods of self discovery. A great cross section of the work I do in video and audio format. New audios and videos are being added regularly.


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Work gently within your own limits at a time and place to suit you.
Module 1 Simple things to do on a daily basis  
Unit 1 MORNING STRETCH - - best taken once a day before your morning cuppa. (6 mins)
Unit 2 Japanese Water Diet - Simple and daily from when you wake up
Unit 3 Tapping Intro - daily or several times a week
Unit 4 BALANCE - learn this simple fun little practice and then play with it through the day. (5 mins)
Unit 5 RAINBOW RELAX - guided relaxation, great to clear the mind, ease stress and good to fall off to sleep with (10 mins)
Unit 6 SAVASANA - lying down to relax the whole body, reducing tension and fatigue (11mins)
Module 2 Awareness Through Movement  
Unit 1 Jaw Basics (55 mins) audio
Unit 2 Shoulders, arms, hips simple ATM audio (57 mins)
Unit 3 Sitting with a soft spine (30 mins) level2
Unit 4 Calibrating muscle groups (50mins)
Unit 5 Ring Muscle Exercise Audio (50mins)
Unit 6 Shoulder Roll (36 mins)
Unit 7 Simple M.I wave (3 mins)
Unit 8 Wave Foot Crossover (27 mins)
Unit 9 Freeing the Spine (22mins)
Module 3 Breathe  
Unit 1 Alternate nostril breathing
Module 4 Yoga  
Unit 1 Mainly Leg Stretches (22 mins)
Unit 2 Simple Yoga Session (30 mins)
Unit 3 Simple soft standing stretches - alternate days with the other stretches (20 mins)
Unit 4 Yoga Wall (45mins)
Unit 5 Yoga Audio (1 hour 7 mins)
Module 5 Practices for the mind, concentration, meditation and profound thinking  
Unit 1 Apple (couple of mins or as long as the interest takes you)