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Shoulder Roll description

Shoulder Roll description

Shoulder Roll



The shoulder roll audio is an elegant way to ease the shoulder girdle and integrate the movement with the chest and spine. Good for getting rid of niggles and improving function.


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There is no rushing this learning process. The required adjustment comes by taking your time with this, exploring gently and observing differences. The observations brought to your awareness through these gentle movements help bring about your self healing.

Find somewhere comfortable to lie down and stretch your arms out to the sides at right angles to your body, look to make sure the arms are level with the shoulder if this is possible for you. Otherwise begin at a comfortable position and see if your system will naturally adjust over several separate sittings of this audio. Make little soft fists with your hands and roll them on the floor as instructed on the audio. Give yourself time. Do this audio several times with  a couple of days in between each go.

  • Download to your computer or device to practice at a time and place to suit you.
  • It is an MP3 that works on mac, windows and the majority of devices
  • You will get an email with a link to download your audio.
  • The link works twice in case there is a problem downloading
  • We will refresh your link if you have any difficulty