Live and Recorded Video and Audio Classes
Live and Recorded Video and Audio Classes

Online Classes


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1 I am offering you

Live and recorded online service of diverse specialist classes

  • A fabulous online service of live classes (over twelve a week) with which to interact
  • A growing library of videos to maintain and improve your mental and physical health
  • Solution service to help you over aches and pains
  • Whatever you pay - you get access to everything.


Yoga Classes

Whole Body Correction Classes

Solutions to specific problems (neck, back, shoulder aches pains etc...) Video Practices

15 minute daily practices to keep you healthy 

Meditation and Profound Learning 

Breathing and Energising Practices

Meditation/ Advice / The Profound - and  questions for those wishing to discover more of themselves - 3 times weekly. Mondays/Tuesdays/Fridays



Also you are able to contact me with a specific problem and I will do my best to create a practice solution for you. Aches, pains etc ...


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2 How it works

Simple to use and keenly priced to allow everybody access


Click on Join Up and choose a pricing to suit your budget (starting at £5).


Ive intended to make this accessible to everyone, its difficult times at the moment. I feel its important to reach out and help each other when we are being isolated. This is offering you a very healthy distraction and opportunity to turn the tables some. 


So please choose a weekly cost you can afford. This will give you access to all videos, audios and live classes. Whichever price structure you choose, you will have access to everything. 


The weekly fee is paid a month in advance - which will begin when you submit the form. 


You will automatically receive an email with a link to the right place to begin. A further email will arrive to guide you for live classes. 

Confirm us in your email when it arrives and you'll get an occasional email to let you know as knew things occur on here.


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Any further inquiry please contact me -

3 Join Up

Generous Price Plans


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12 or more live classes each week in various disciplines:

  • Yoga
  • Whole Body Correction
  • 15 Minute Daily Routines
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement Intelligence
  • Catfit
  • Feldenkrais

Plus a growing library of audios and videos to choose from.



4 Live Class Schedules

Weekly Schedule - please check library for class IDs



9 to 9.15am Fifteen mins daily - easy to do seated and standing uplift to start your day bright.


9.30 to 10.45am - Yoga Standard Monday morning Yoga - take it easy and do what you can.


6.30 to 8pm - Yoga - good rounded class.




9 to 9.15am Fifteen mins daily - easy to do seated and standing uplift to start your day on the right foot.


9.30 to 10.45am - Yoga - take it easy and do what you can. Its not a difficult class, designed to adapt each week.


6 to 7pm - Yoga 




9 to 9.15am Fifteen mins daily - easy to do seated and standing uplift to start your day on the right foot.


9.30 to 10.30am 30 Minutes Meditation in first half followed by Guided Meditation second half with Emma




9.30 to 10.30 Yoga - no two classes the same. 


10.40 to 11.40 Whole Body Correction - Gentle movement to evolve you in so many ways - from improved posture, easing pain and raising your game to elite. Its simple easy to do for anyone that can get onto the floor and back up again. 


6 to 7pm Meditation Class with Emma Mills





9.30 to 10.45 - Catfit strange and unusual movement that improve the way you move and leaves you feeling loose and free. You need to be relatively flexible but give it a go for fun and see how yo get along. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 


All of these classes and all of the online videos/audios for whatever monthly fee you choose.



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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q - It looks like you get access to the same online courses wether you pay £5 a week or £40?
  • A - Thats right, I want to make the whole online sessions available to everyone. It takes a monumental amount of time to put this online thing together and its purpose was to help all people. I do not want to limit people to the health benefits because of cost. Hence I've created a price structure and am relying on people being true to themselves about what they want to pay and how much they use the site. To be honest, as a Yogi, everything works out right, so being generous, fair and kind to everybody has got to be my way.


  • Q - How do I sign up?
  • A - Click on a weekly cost that suits you/you can afford/ and then click on the large blue writing which will take you to a page to create a profile and pay for your month in advance. Fill in your details and card details. Submit at the bottom corner. You will then get an email which will guide you to the Members Lounge. NOTE - If you're already a friend or member then sign in before you do this as you already have a profile. Fi


  • Q - It wont accept my password?
  • A - Next to where you put in your password theres space to repeat the password - put your password in again and it will accept your password.


  • Q - How will I join into live classes?
  • A - You will get an invite to all of the live classes by email in advance. Then choose whichever ones you would like to do and be there at that time - the details and connection will be in your email.


  • Q - How many of your live classes am I aloud to do?
  • A - All of them, there is no limit regardless of what you have paid. 


  • Q - So for live classes i put my phone on the table and listen in?
  • A - Yes if you've got a phone with a screen like an iPhone or android you can use your phone, or laptop, computer or iPad etc... For the movement classes the instructions should be enough and you can look if you need clarification on the movements. For the conversations or meditations you may want to face the screen and join in with the conversations etc...


  • Q - Will you be able to see me at the live classes?
  • A - Only if you choose to be seen by turning on the video camera


  • Q - What if I'm not about when you do live classes?
  • A - There are lots of videos and audios to follow already on the site pre recorded. Yoga classes and whole body movement classes, guided meditations and courses to follow to learn about meditation. There are videos to do specifically for an area of your body that might be tight or aching and there are short ten minute classes to do to keep you in good shape with little input! All pre recorded and there at your convenience. (Ive dozens of videos prepared now and am placing them on the site as fast as i can. There are plenty in place and to go at now)


  • Q - When i pay for a month will i have to go through the same process next month/
  • A - No once its set up it will simply roll over next time if you want it to. You can cancel at anytime.




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