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Welcome to Natures Library

The online yoga and meditation streaming service from One With Nature In Southwell.

Members can enjoy 8 Zoom classes a week and over 100 on demand video and audio lessons, all from the comfort of home.

Within Natures Library you'll find knowledge gathered from 30 years study of the  profound and philosophical, hatha yoga, neuroplastics and remedial methods for recovery from injury or dysfunction. You'll find videos to help you develop quality of movement from wherever you begin. Unusual things for self discovery, profound stories and insight and fab yoga classes.  Join us through the week for livestream classes, or practice any time using the brilliant on demand videos.



Current Timetable - Yoga and meditation streaming service from One With Nature In Southwell.


Yoga – 9.30 – 10.30am

Yoga 6.30-8pm


Yoga 9.30-10.45


Meditation with Emma – 9.30-10.30


Yoga – 9.20-10.40

ATM – 11 – 12


Catfit – 9-10


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  • A necessary luxury you deserve Many clients report a marked improvement in their lives having become members of Natures Library. Being able to join in live classes and follow videos at a time to suit themselves. Practice done and journey times saved.
  • Live weekly classes Do Yoga, ATM, Meditation, Catfit and Daily Health in my unique style.  Join us live (10 months of the year) or watch the recording later.
  • Fantastic library Get complete access to the growing Natures Library (over 100 videos) of diverse classes in human health and development. From simple and gentle to the more athletic. Things to help you over pain and dysfunction, practices to maintain and improve, stories to make you think and practices to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Membership Choices. There are several to sponsor me with your Natures Library live access.  Some people offers more because they want to. Others are running to a tighter budget. Please choose whatever suits you. I'm thrilled to have you on board and I'm eternally grateful for the sponsorship– It will help me share my life's work and make improvements to the quality of your life.
  • Access. From everywhere with internet on any device so you can take us to a friends or on the road with you.
  • Renewable. Your monthly plan renews automatically, make any changes three days before the end of each cycle. As a member of Natures Library you have the opportunity to make requests for video making and content. I can't always make it happen but I do wherever we can.
  • Flexible. Pay whatever you fancy, you can always upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Your Classes

When you join Natures Library you'll get access to all weekly live classes held on Zoom Monday - Friday as well as recorded classes and tutorials in the library.

  • Yoga - A varied selection of Yoga Classes for you to choose from. Some are with a certain philosophical bent, all varied, rarely two the same.
  • Awareness Through Movement - When you pull on a part of nature, you will find it connected to the rest of nature. In this section we follow very gentle and simple movements with great care in understanding how we organise our movements. In doing so each person is able to improve upon what they have from wherever they begin by capitalising on the organisms natural and innate way of learning. Having built a sound foundation working with Mia and Leora Segal then inspired by the work I did with Ruthy Alon (I am 1 of 43 Original Senior Trainers) with Movement Intelligence and Feldenkrais (I am also a qualified Practitioner from MBS). I often say many people will need to do three or four lessons before the penny drops. Plus the real benefit is often not fully experienced until some time after the lesson. Plus you may find that the improvement continues for long after since you change your inner organisation.
  • Breathing Techniques - Breath is life. Some techniques to help you cleanse and improve the quality of your breathing
  • Meditation and Mind Discovery - Where the game is really at. Why meditate they ask? Why breath I reply? Oft to begin its tedious, boring and appears to many of no value or unattainable. Take your time, like learning a new language. Yet you are so much more than that, subtle, complex, magical awe inspiring. What you really are is mind-blowing. Given time and the right approach you will discover yourself in meditation. The live meditation class on Wednesdays is taught by Emma Mills.
  • Catfit - You dont see the cat dashing around to keep fit, but they are master movers. An hour of unusual and well manageable moments cleverly linked together to leave you supple, flexible, loose and generally in very good shape. These are unique and utterly fantastic classes. Whatever else you're doing in your life to keep in good shape, Catfit will introduce you to the advantage.
  • Daily 15 - I think I once heard that some Japanese companies get their workforces to do exercise before they start the days tasks. Here is a similar idea. Although the movements will be good to get your system moving at any time of the day you choose.
  • Stories and Unusual Practices - Thoughts, ideas, dreams and things to give you a point of view that may help give contrast to your daily life. Im not too interested in whats true and whats not here. They are fun stories, some true, some found in meditation and profound thinking. Just for fun.
  • Concentration - Before Meditation comes Concentration. One can not listen to the wireless unless one can tune into a station.

Your Tutor

Having pushed myself in sport and recreation you will find experiences in this library that will improve your performance, make you laugh and possibly touch your heart. Ive helped thousands of clients and myself over come pain and dysfunction. Hence you'll find some great practical solutions to various problems. I have been a dedicated Yogi for over 3 decades. I'm an honest human being with a broad experience in life, having carried the one question for several decades. I am now so totally thrilled to share this with you

Adam Ward Yoga in Southwell

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