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Meditation and Yoga For Health and Wellbeing in The Workplace

Meditation and Yoga For Health and Wellbeing in The Workplace

Meditation and Yoga For Health and Wellbeing In The Workplace


Adam is recognised by several thousand clients and several leading organisations around the world as a competent and highly effective practitioner in dynamic postural organisation. He specialises in assisting clients to develop fresh neurological patterns that allow them to approach life in an evolved manner for a variety of ends. This can include yoga, meditation, movement and postural advice as well as motivational talks for teams and executives.

Most recently Adam has been speaking at the annual conference of the Nottingham City General Practitioner Alliance (NCGPA) on the topic of human health and movement for GP teams. He also trains business leaders, international sports people (horse riders, golfers and racing drivers) from a variety of nationalities and age groups.

Originating from a mechanical background and a practicing Yogi of some thirty plus years, he is following a path of enlightenment through his own meditative and profound practices. He follows no specific religion, doctrine or dogma. He is very personable and enjoys meeting and learning with new people having travelled and lived in various parts of the world. He has lived a diverse and broad reaching life with many stories to recount. When he isn't training others, Adam enjoys cycling (having raced road and mtb), manages a smallholding, restores old vehicles (vintage cars, motorcycles and has been extensively involved in steam) and amateur carpentry. He lives in the East Midlands with his partner Emma, also a teacher in the meditative tradition.

Adam is currently offering group and 121 training via online video call.



He is available for:

  • Workplace Meditation Training
  • Workplace healthy movement and posture training
  • Team yoga sessions
  • Executive Coaching on the topics of meditation, self enquiry, meditation and neurobiomechanics
  • Motivational speaking and pep talks on wellbeing, mindfulness and self discovery


Coaching Skills:

  • Offering insight/perspective for tricky, profound situations or where wise council is needed.
  • Relieving pain and dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system.
  • Meditation, self enquiry and the study of the nature of being.
  • Improving the performance of a group or individual.
  • Maintenance of clients for continued well being and quality of life
  • See Adams qualifications and philosophy here


To discuss your training needs and learn more about booking Adam, please email or submit an enquiry via the contact page here on the webiste


Weekend Wellness Workshop for Dance 4 International in 2019. A group training exploring movement, bio-mechanics and mindfulness for stress reduction and good health