One with Nature


  • Meditation and Me - 4mins 53secs

    Meditation and Me - 4mins 53secs

    A slight insight as to how meditation came into my life. Its part of a story. I wonder how it came/comes into your life?
  • Water Meditations - 4mins 8secs

    Water Meditations - 4mins 8secs

    Find a comfortable place where you wont be disturbed and begin, let your mind free into the adventure of discovery.
  • Earth Enquiry - 4mins 18secs

    Earth Enquiry - 4mins 18secs

    Part of a series of enquiries to better help you understand yourself and the world in which you live.
  • Air Aware - 3mins 5secs

    Air Aware - 3mins 5secs

    In this video we begin to encourage you to turn your mind to air, the stuff around us, we breathe etc... It could be quite an enquiry. Go into it over several days and sessions. Please consider Air very much.