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Learn Meditation And Mindfullness In Southwell Nottinghamshire

Learn Meditation And Mindfullness In Southwell Nottinghamshire

Meditation Classes

with Emma Mills 

Learn  Meditation and mindfulness in Southwell Nottinghamshire

We are really excited to be offering one to one meditation and mindfulness guidance in Southwell Nottinghamshire with Emma Mills.

Learning meditation and mindfulness here with us in Southwell is a really effective way to relax, manage stress and bring joy and happiness into your life. It doesn’t matter quite how experienced you are, so long as you’ve an open mind and are keen to learn something new.

The Benefits

  • Improved concentration
  • Lifted moods
  • Better nights sleep
  • Improved relationships
  • Help with stress
  • Improved ability to think
  • Self Knowledge

Who Can Enjoy Meditation

The private Meditation and Mindfulness classes here in Southwell are down to earth and non-religious. They are available by the hour and are open to everyone who would like to learn about meditation.

How to book

Private meditation sessions and mindfulness courses in Southwell are taught by Meditation expert Emma Mills. Sessions are available throughout the week. You can learn more about Emma's work, including information about her new book 'Inhale. Exhale. Repeat' published by Penguin Random House, at

 To arrange an appointment with Emma at One With Nature, in Southwell please send us a message via our contact page.