Human Body Owners Guide


Human Body Owners Guide 

Individual single service days



The simplicity of the guided movements on our Service Days coupled with intelligent introspection will help you determine what you do, where improvement can be made and guide you to a unique inner ability to self adjust. You will learn to learn in ways that will allow you new pleasurable choices for the way you move and approach life into the future.

You can take the service days as a one off or in any order. Each day has been given the name of a colour. You will improve from wherever you begin.


Learn to move in an easier manner
By making small movements with comparison from one side of the body to the other you will discover what is called parasitic action, or muscle working that is not required for that body part to move. Once discovered in most cases it is possible for the person to change the organisation of musculature around that body part to move in a simpler manner, thereby making that area move smoothly with less effort, improved function of joints and less energy spent.
Harmonious organisation
“The ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently.” We will guide you to discover what you do with one body part and improve that singular function. Do the same with another body part and then link the two together in a more cohesive manner. You will then continue this fascinating process linking more and more parts. Greater coordination ensues!
Release tension from your shoulders
An incredibly complex joint because of its versatility. We will assist you to separate its movements into parts to explore its various abilities and the relationship it has with the chest, neck, hips etc for correct function.
Further your spines capabilities
The fifth limb. Together we look at the ability of your spine in sharing its articulations evenly through its 24 or so points of articulation. It is the link between the senses (head) and prime movers (pelvis) and it is of great importance that the two are calibrated through the spine, which we will do together. This in turn will help your system to determine its neutral position essential for pain free function from neck to lumber.
Ease the knees
Shock absorbers of the system. The knees affect the performance of the lumber spine and vice versa. You will experience various practices to improve both.
Vitality from the way you walk
Have you ever given thought as to how you use your feet, if you use each foot in a similar manner? Each step dictates the way a force begins its journey up through the body to propel you along. The freedom of the foot and how you use it will alter the function of knees, hips, lumber and overall health. On these service days you will experience different choices you have with your feet, discover what it is you do and begin to elect any changes that you will understand as making a positive difference.
Solutions to Specific Problems
On each service day we allow time for discussion and give the opportunity to broach answers to more pressing matters you might have that are not covered on that particular service day. Learn ways to remove certain aches pains or find a better way to work with them. Find various solutions to disfunction, creaks, groans and seizing parts.
What you think, how you think. The inner compass
How do you use your mind? Have fun exploring your inner workings and abilities. Ponder questions and experience practices that will help guide you further to understand and empower you to improve the fundamentals of your own thinking and communication.

Your posture and dynamic movement
Most of us know the importance of good posture and for most of us that is a stock description of the organisation of the musculoskeletal system in standing. You will find many clever ways to gain or maintain this on our service days. However, there is also dynamic posture (the organisation of the body to complete tasks). For this there is no prescriptive organisation. It depends wholly on your particular body, its make up and ability to function at this time. You will be guided to experience how you do what you do today (to know what you do). Because movements are put together in the brain through patterns (like a symphony) we help you experience through simple exploratory movements what choices you have and how to make changes happen easily. This creates a new pattern or symphony in the brain. Because of your natural make up (this is how your brain and body has learned to move since the beginning) the brain will know if the new pattern is improved and will begin to take it on from this point. This is a highly simplified version of what goes on. But you can be sure that your dynamic posture will improve from this service day onwards.
Ways to help let your tension go

“Mental or emotional strain” “the state of being stretched tight”. Tension can often be in the mind, of which the body is an extension. Specific areas of the body are known for holding tension – the jaw (tempromandibular joint, which affects the function of the entire being), shoulders, lumber. Tension creates rigidity of the body and mind which is disfunction. The entire work we are doing here on these service days you will find work towards you discovering where the tensions reside and you will find how to let many of them release. Hence our days prove to be quite relaxing as well as transformative. 

Find freedom within your chest
The freedom of the ribs effect our ability to move and determine posture into later years. Also a chest that can expand and contract easily increases air intake and in turn energy levels. Plus such chest freedom effects the pressures around your heart and its happy functioning. You will learn many ways to help release tensions in the chest, ribs and thoracic spine and experience ways to improve into the future.
Gain strength by refining ability
Your ability to coordinate the prime movers of the body can be improved and in many cases improved lots. To accurately transfer power through the body to complete propulsion, using just the right muscle by the right amount will give more strength for less energy. Through the clever sequences we show you it will become obvious to you where to make changes and how to refine your organisation. Once you’ve learned to learn you will not need another teacher.
Discover good things for your hips
The joints for propulsion, of which the slightest deviation changes the direction of force through your whole system, affecting shoulder function, neck and carriage. On the service days you will find ways to mobilise the hips and in many cases reorganise how they carry a force for the better.  
Your valves

Life began in simple ways on this planet with an amoeba like opening and closing function. As humans our health and vitality rests on such simple function within our bodies. There are ways to assist these valves and in some cases where this simple function has dwindled we are able to show you how to restore or improve them for yourself.

Move in ways that'll make you smile
You can teach an old dog new tricks, or even a young one! For every movement you make there is a result. The more obvious result is outside of the body. As we watch and copy others we create neurological patterns within the brain that create the sequence and organisation to reproduce the movement we’ve copied to get that result over and again. In many cases we improve on the original movement and produce a better result (maybe winning at sport) At times its a hit and miss way to learn. I will help you learn to learn much more quickly on the service days.

There is also for each movement the result inside the body. Some say their parents had a back problem or neck etc… and consider that its sort of genetic. But you move like that parent and create a similar internal result which in some cases happens to be pain and disfunction. Unlucky. Through our teaching you can learn to change this, to get the result outside that is congruent with a harmonious result inside. I will show you ways you can install modern neurological wiring patterns designed to work seamlessly with your todays body. Re calibrate for fuel economy and fine tune for harmonious performance. You will find this an integral part on all of the service days.

Take care of your neck and it will take care of you
The bridge from senses to body. Learn to organise the carriage of the head that keeps the neck free and healthy (or at least improve on what you’ve got). The whole spine relies on the correct usage of the neck, problems lower down the spine often come from the neck and organisation of the jaw. I offer you simple practical ways to self service the neck, shoulders and jaw that have far reaching positive outcomes.

Working with possibly the most sophisticated organism on this planet all service procedures are gentle and thoughtfully carried out. You will be guided intelligently through each service experience. You will, at times, need to be able to get to and from the floor.

We are happy to discuss any aspect of the Human Body Owners Guide so please do be encouraged to get in touch via email in the first instance.

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