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Hands – In Person Treatment .

Hands – In Person Treatment .


with Adam

This is an extremely gentle treatment which has far reaching benefits using Neuro Biomechanical technique coupled with aromatic oils. It takes approximately 30 minutes per hand; hence we offer it in 30 minute or 1 hour time frames. Taken for relaxation and pleasure one treatment may suffice. If there is a problem that requires addressing then several treatments may be required. We can discuss that at your first appointment or ... Get in Touch

Our hands are one of our most important physical assets and the condition they’re kept in may have more of an effect on your life than you might realise.

Tension in the hands can cause problems further up the chain in the arms, shoulders neck and chest. Tension left in the hands over a longer period can cause damage that is difficult to reverse.

Hands have shaped the world we live in today; they have shaped the way of human thinking. Our ability to use our hands affects our lives greatly, positively and negatively. Tension from work and tasks and pastimes can get held in our hands. We also hold stress in our hands often without realising. There are emotional and psychological parallels to be found in the condition of our hands, holding on to things, unable to let go, grasping, anger, frustration etc.. On the other hand, you may be looking to get your hands to perform new movements, playing an instrument, a form of art or sport and need a more malleable hand, then this treatment will be a healthy experience for you too. 

Seeking relaxation or a solution to a problem, get in touch and try the OwN Hand treatment!