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One with Nature
Golf February Southwell

Golf February Southwell

 Golf Natural 


Date   This class will run on Fridays from late October 2018 from 8.30 until 9.30am.

Venue   It is held at 18 Minster Chambers, Church Street, Southwell, Notts NG25 0HD  (small class in a lovely room with light windows, lovely view and a nice ambience)

Description  The mobility of the spine and surrounding musculature is going to affect your golf. Very gently we will explore together the possibilities and options you have with your spine as it relates to aspects of playing golf. From the mental side of the games perspective we will look at focus and concentration.

Dress Code   Wear comfortable warm clothes that won't restrict your movement.

Parking   Is available free for two hours in the Church Street car park opposite the venue.

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