Fluid Form

  • Easing Toes - 1hr 8mins

    Easing Toes - 1hr 8mins

    Another strange and unusual set of movements that'll keep you fluid and supple. Good session this, aren't they all!
  • Rotating Limbs - 1hr 9mins

    Rotating Limbs - 1hr 9mins

    The coordination gets better with practice!
  • Silken Thread 1hr 10mins

    Silken Thread 1hr 10mins

    What can I say - so thoroughly enjoy putting together these movements they keep me so fluid and supple. I trust you will find the same. Let me know.
  • Adapting to a Surface - 1hr 11mins

    Adapting to a Surface - 1hr 11mins

    In this concise and simple lesson the body is relaxed and movement developed.

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