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Fluid Form

Fluid Form

  • Catfit 21 51 mins

    Catfit 21 51 mins

    Probably quite an easy version of the infamous fitness of Cool Cats. But then again there's some pretty nifty coordination of arms and legs in there to leave you with that supple only Catfit brings. 
  • Next Doors Disco 1hr 4 mins

    Next Doors Disco 1hr 4 mins

    Another great and unusual session of Catfit - or Fluid form - it'll leave you supple anyway and its unique ...
  • The Other Way 1hr 2mins

    The Other Way 1hr 2mins

    A simple set of movements to leave you fluid and free. This is Fluid Form (formerly Catfit). I designed this set to be do able by many people, nothing trick. It does hit the spot though. If you can't do it all, do gently what you can.
  • Easing Toes - 1hr 8mins

    Easing Toes - 1hr 8mins

    Another strange and unusual set of movements that'll keep you fluid and supple. Good session this, aren't they all!
  • Rotating Limbs - 1hr 9mins

    Rotating Limbs - 1hr 9mins

    The coordination gets better with practice!
  • Silken Thread 1hr 10mins

    Silken Thread 1hr 10mins

    What can I say - so thoroughly enjoy putting together these movements they keep me so fluid and supple. I trust you will find the same. Let me know.
  • Adapting to a Surface - 1hr 11mins

    Adapting to a Surface - 1hr 11mins

    In this concise and simple lesson the body is relaxed and movement developed.