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Neuro Biomechanics

Neuro Biomechanics



Both individual sessions and group lessons produce profound and long lasting results. Because all of our actions involve sensing, feeling, thinking, as well as moving, our clients find that improvements in their movement are accompanied by greater clarity in their thought, expression and an overall sense of well-being.

You don't have to be an expert 'mover' - or you might be! Whatever level of ability you start at there will be improvement.

A greater sense of ease and well-being for everyone in their daily life, the Neuro Biomechanical experiences offer:

  • Options for new ways of moving that are healthier for your body
  • Reduced aches and pains and greater freedom in your movement
  • Improved relaxation response and relief from the effects of stress
  • Greater awareness of comfortable and efficient posture                                                                                    
  • New ways to approach an old situation

Understanding yourself and your body

As a culture we are moving beyond seeing bodies as merely biological machines to move our minds around. Neuro Biomechanics is a creative systematic approach to engage with your own sensory experience to become more aware of what you do, how you do it and your possibilities. It is a non-prescriptive process that allows you to explore the relationships between your mind, body and your environment and it can assist in stem cell regeneration.

Healthy and active ageing

Getting older doesn't necessarily mean getting stiff and reduced ability. Neuro Biomechanics offer a positive way to slow  the loss of physical ability and comfort, and to maintain, improve and grow your physical and mental potential as the days go by. Many of my tutors are now in there eighties and in fantastic condition.

Rehabilitation and help for those with discomfort, injuries, pain, or neurological conditions this method is a gentle and effective approach that can offer:

  • Reduction and relief from pain
  • Solutions to long term issues
  • Recovery of lost movement abilities
  • Improved breathing and improved sleep
  • The ability to shift habits of movement and holding - which may have begun as a response to your injury or condition and are now a source of pain or restriction in themselves
  • A range of skills to help yourself to recover function in your daily life.