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Daily Exercise

Daily Exercise

  • Something for thee ... 16mins

    Something for thee ... 16mins

    Keeping fluid with these simple daily exercises - works for the Japanese!!!
  • On the Right Foot 16mins

    On the Right Foot 16mins

    Neat little class to start (or finish) the day 'on the right foot!'
  • Shake Loose 2 mins

    Shake Loose 2 mins

    It is just that. The body naturally shakes to restore homeostasis - so loop forward and shake it. You might be surprised to find there's a bit of an art to it!
  • 4 Step Change - few mins to 20 mins your choice

    4 Step Change - few mins to 20 mins your choice

    Stressed, Cant sleep or just need to refresh - this is for you. Watch the short video and then away you go. It will take as long as you like and leave you with good results. Please leave comments below.
  • Varied Focus 8mins

    Varied Focus 8mins

    Here is a practice that has been followed by my father for over 20 years and he has perfect vision in his twenties. I remember teaching him it at my birthday party years back. He and I highly reccomend it to you. He does it daily.
  • Centring the Eyes 7mins 18secs

    Centring the Eyes 7mins 18secs

    A whistle stop version of a much longer experience. Still quite effective and of the sort of length you could put into a more regular practice.
  • Heel Reflex - 4mins 30

    Heel Reflex - 4mins 30

    A very simple method for rounding out each side of the lumber, hence its very easing for the lower back. Its also healthy for the feet as they get a massage from the other foot. There is a reflex in each heel to round out the lumber. The idea is that by pressing on the foot as the lumber is naturally rounded, the reflex is refreshed. Try it and let me know your experience. From Movement Intelligence
  • Simple Balance - 4mins 37secs

    Simple Balance - 4mins 37secs

    Straight forward practical balance set. Takes a couple of mins to save or improve your balance - key to life. Press play and balance away then play with your balance throughout the day. Practice makes perfect.
  • Morning Stretch - 6mins 30secs

    Morning Stretch - 6mins 30secs

    A very simple stretch sequence typical to one I use on a morning. You will find this may well improve your flexibility quickly over a few weeks by just doing a few mins of these morning stretches. Go for it, gently.
  • Simple Wake Up - 9mins 48secs

    Simple Wake Up - 9mins 48secs

    Very gentle method of beginning the day - or perhaps a pleasant way to unwind before you turn in for the night. Try both...
  • Horizontal Shoulder Walk - 12.30

    Horizontal Shoulder Walk - 12.30

    Loosing tension and allowing freedom in the shoulders has a profound effect on the freedom of the rest of the system. This unusual yet relatively simple short practice will then promote diagonal connection across the torso - its a short form of whole body correction so has far reaching positive effect. Enjoy.
  • 15 Minutes - 15mins

    15 Minutes - 15mins

    This little set will give you a nice variation to add into your weeks daily pracices
  • Wednesday Breath Eye Step Through - 15mins

    Wednesday Breath Eye Step Through - 15mins

    Another simple few minutes of getting the body moving. This will help with balance and may put a spring in your step.
  • Thursday Stretch - 18mins

    Thursday Stretch - 18mins

    Part of the 15 minute daily, its a little more stretchy this one!
  • Tuesday Ten - 18mins

    Tuesday Ten - 18mins

    Ok so this is actually 18 minutes long flowing pretty much all standing movements. Nice stretches for the backs of the legs, some tapping etc... Feel good easily
  • Monday Jump into Action - 21mins

    Monday Jump into Action - 21mins

    An adventurous little set to keep you bounce worthy and capable. Will get the ticker going a little.