One with Nature


  • Three Concentration Techniques - 3mins 13secs

    Three Concentration Techniques - 3mins 13secs

    Listen, apply, practice. Make it happen in your most creative way.
  • Nasal Breathing - 3mins

    Nasal Breathing - 3mins

    The nasal passages are a filter for air. They perhaps play a larger part in our physical and mental health thank you might think. How would you know? Try this experiment that you may become your habit.
  • Yellow Square - 3mins

    Yellow Square - 3mins

    Without concentration its difficult to tune into a particular train of thought, to produce a structured continuum of your desire or even enjoy a depth of social interaction. Plus a little inner practice one can learn so much about oneself. Since you are the most fascinating creature in the world, what might you be waiting for?
  • Apple - 4mins 30secs

    Apple - 4mins 30secs

    Becoming more familiar with your mind, that which is you. Here is a simple practice (although you'll need to do that to bare fruit) that you can do to begin to build to greater things. Great journeys are begun with a single step.