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Class InfoDay/TimeLocationBooking
YogaMonday 10 till 11am Southwell Booking Enquiry
YogaMonday 6.30 till 8pm ThurgartonBooking Enquiry
YogaTuesday 9.45 till 10.45amSouthwellBooking Enquiry
YogaTuesday 6.30 till 7.30pmSouthwellBooking Enquiry
YogaThursday 9.30 till 10.30amSouthwellBooking Enquiry
ATMThursday 10.40 till 11.40amSouthwellBooking Enquiry
YogaThursday 6.15 till 7.45pm SouthwellBooking Enquiry
Golf NaturalFriday 8.30 till 9.30am begins again OctoberSouthwellBooking Enquiry

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  • The Word

    Just Played, finished 3 under par gross. Never done as well as that, the last ETM Session was excellent.
    Over the period, I had some specific problems with hips and neck, all of which were cured.  
    I find the classes fascinating. The seemingly gentle exercises are deceptively powerful and I’m beginning to appreciate that my body is worth listening too.
    I have been attending Adam’s “Free My Golf Swing” classes for just over a year now. My all round game has improved and more importantly, I am playing much more consistently and have reduced my handicap. A great benefit from doing Adams course is that I am much more aware of my own body and surroundings.
    I played Coxmoor after week 6 of Adam’s course and was on or next to 17 out of the 18 greens in regulation. It was the most consistent I have struck the ball.  
    This course has transformed my life and my golf I am now back to 4 handicap and my body is back to where I was 20 years ago its nothing short of a revelation . I am also in less pain in my back than I can remember
    I have always enjoyed playing sport but have been restricted with lower back problems most of my life. I have received treatment from physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. All were good and kept me going but none seemed to tackle the long-term back problem. Adam has worked with me over several sessions and the results have been quite remarkable. Not only has my posture and general freedom of movement improved but also i can now play golf, and other sports, with far more confidence.
    Thank you so much for last night, I feel brand new today. No stiffness and more mobile than I have felt in ages.
    My recovery from a game of golf was a lot quicker this week.  
    Well what can I say I actually won the competition yesterday my first singles win in over 5 years and first with hickory golf clubs so I was rather pleased and won a very large trophy.  
    I now walk courses with no pain.  
    Been to many Yoga classes, really enjoying the laid back and fun aspect of this Yoga group. Effective and thought provoking too. Really feel I’ve had a good experience – my body enjoys it immensely.
    Doing the Free my Golf Swing course has definitely improved my game.
    My body felt more balanced even though I was turning more. My general fitness levels also improved.  
    I am a 65 years old ex rugby player. I am past Captain of Notts Golf Club Hollinwell and I play off a handicap of 4. I am a senior county player and I have just been awarded my county colours for senior golf in Notts. I have been coming to Free my Golf Swing sessions for around 9 months and it has been a revelation for me. I am much freer in my swing and in general life my back pain is now almost none existent. I am a lot happier because I am not in constant pain anymore and my handicap has come down from 5. Just to say thank you.
    This class has enabled us to maintain our flexibility so we can enjoy our retirement.
    It would be no exaggeration to say that Adam has changed my life. In six months he has not only stopped the breathing and blood pressure problems that I’d been having, but he’s vastly improved my entire wellbeing. I feel better now than I can ever remember feeling, and I no longer need any medication whatsoever. Everybody has noticed the change in me- my friends call him ‘The Magic Man’!!!
    I played today in the Xmas competition It was a shotgun all club started together on all 18 holes I started on 15th stroke index one the hardest hole scored as follows birdie nett Eagle birdie birdie par finished two under par gross and won the competition Thank you so much Adam your a legend
    Adams Yoga classes have become an integral part of my life. The benefits are physical, emotional, spiritual. Just brilliant.
    For thirty years I have struggled with a fade/slice that makes my drive unreliable. Following your course and the learning of new ways of moving and thinking I’m now trying to come to terms with a straight drive. Roll on the season so I can translate improvement into handicap reduction.