A Simple Yoga Audio – 30 mins – Yoga

  A simple Yoga Audio to follow for just over an hour. I recommend you’re reasonably adept at Yoga to follow this audio, but give it a gentle go and you’ll find out. Try it and don’t do anything that disturbs your flow of breath through the nostrils, that will keep you safe and is Yoga. There is no clear ending to the audio so that allows you to rest as long as you would like. About 15 minutes is good.        

Lesson in Breath – 60 mins – Yoga/Breathing Techniques

  Gentle exploration in to the way we exhale and from where. Also a simple and old fashioned method for helping lung function. The whole thing is quite relaxing, very healthy for your respiratory system and you. I suggest you find something comfortable to lie down on using the floor. You don’t need lots of room. Use a pillow for your head if needed (ie if the head tilts back when lying on the back)      

The Savasana Rejuvenation – 10 mins – Yoga Meditation

This simple technique to restore homeostasis to the system is from Yoga. It requires you lie down, relax your body systematically and then rest in full awareness (do not drift off or go to sleep!) Its great to do if you’re tired nd need a quick energy boost or after exercise and looking to restore the body to neutral, releasing tension and allowing for repair to commence. USE A PILLOW IF YOUR HEAD IS TILTED BACK WHEN LYING DOWN!