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10 mins (or under)
10 mins (or under)

Heel Reflex – 10 mins – Feet

A very simple method for rounding out each side of the lumber, (from Mi) hence its very easing for the lower back. Its also healthy for the feet as they get a massage from the other foot. There is a reflex in each heel to round out the lumber. The idea is that by pressing on the foot as the lumber is naturally rounded, the reflex is refreshed. Try it and let me know your experience.  

The Savasana Rejuvenation – 10 mins – Yoga Meditation

This simple technique to restore homeostasis to the system is from Yoga. It requires you lie down, relax your body systematically and then rest in full awareness (do not drift off or go to sleep!) Its great to do if you’re tired nd need a quick energy boost or after exercise and looking to restore the body to neutral, releasing tension and allowing for repair to commence. USE A PILLOW IF YOUR HEAD IS TILTED BACK WHEN LYING DOWN!      

Anuloma Viloma Breathing – 8 Mins – Breathing Techniques

Anuloma Viloma Breathing 8 sec: Short version of this wonderful cleansing breath. I do this on a daily basis. Never strain or force the breathe in any way. Give it time to develop and come around. This is a relatively short retention to enable an easy practice. It will clear the nostrils, relive tension and assist in good health and metabolism. Never underestimate the benefits of a sound breathing practice. Work this into each day 6 days a week.  

Eyes: Varied Focus

  Here is a practice that has been followed by my father for over 20 years and he has perfect vision in his twenties. I remember teaching him it at my birthday party years back. He and I highly reccomend it to you. He does it daily.