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Anuloma Viloma Breathing – 8 Mins – Breathing Techniques

Anuloma Viloma Breathing 8 sec: Short version of this wonderful cleansing breath. I do this on a daily basis. Never strain or force the breathe in any way. Give it time to develop and come around. This is a relatively short retention to enable an easy practice. It will clear the nostrils, relive tension and assist in good health and metabolism. Never underestimate the benefits of a sound breathing practice. Work this into each day 6 days a week.  

Pelvic Clock – 25 mins – ATM

  The Prime Movers attach around the Pelvis. In this simple lesson we are able to assess our ability to move the pelvis and progress and refine that ability. In so doing we will be able to improve our performance and reduce the effort needed for propulsion. You may find certain aches or pains dissolve in the back, neck, shoulders and beyond. Once youve learned this it can be repeated in a short time to self service. In short, its brilliant and more than worthy of learning.  

Eyes: Varied Focus

  Here is a practice that has been followed by my father for over 20 years and he has perfect vision in his twenties. I remember teaching him it at my birthday party years back. He and I highly reccomend it to you. He does it daily.