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Breathing Techniques
Breathing Techniques

Lesson in Breath – 60 mins – Yoga/Breathing Techniques

  Gentle exploration in to the way we exhale and from where. Also a simple and old fashioned method for helping lung function. The whole thing is quite relaxing, very healthy for your respiratory system and you. I suggest you find something comfortable to lie down on using the floor. You don’t need lots of room. Use a pillow for your head if needed (ie if the head tilts back when lying on the back)      

Anuloma Viloma Breathing – 8 Mins – Breathing Techniques

Anuloma Viloma Breathing 8 sec: Short version of this wonderful cleansing breath. I do this on a daily basis. Never strain or force the breathe in any way. Give it time to develop and come around. This is a relatively short retention to enable an easy practice. It will clear the nostrils, relive tension and assist in good health and metabolism. Never underestimate the benefits of a sound breathing practice. Work this into each day 6 days a week.