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Back Improver (beautiful spines)
Back Improver (beautiful spines)

Heel Reflex – 10 mins – Feet

A very simple method for rounding out each side of the lumber, (from Mi) hence its very easing for the lower back. Its also healthy for the feet as they get a massage from the other foot. There is a reflex in each heel to round out the lumber. The idea is that by pressing on the foot as the lumber is naturally rounded, the reflex is refreshed. Try it and let me know your experience.  

The Wave Foot Crossover – 26 mins – ATM

  This learning process is well worth taking the time to become familiar with. Once you’ve become adept at the details it need only take you a few minutes to do. Personally I do it a couple of times a week and after a long day to help my body return to a neutral. In the first instance take your time and follow the video as you practice (or listen to the audio and use the video just to clarify) and go as far as you can comfortably. Simply the pressing on the wall

Pelvic Clock – 25 mins – ATM

  The Prime Movers attach around the Pelvis. In this simple lesson we are able to assess our ability to move the pelvis and progress and refine that ability. In so doing we will be able to improve our performance and reduce the effort needed for propulsion. You may find certain aches or pains dissolve in the back, neck, shoulders and beyond. Once youve learned this it can be repeated in a short time to self service. In short, its brilliant and more than worthy of learning.