60 mins
60 mins

Lesson in Breath – 60 mins – Yoga/Breathing Techniques

  Gentle exploration in to the way we exhale and from where. Also a simple and old fashioned method for helping lung function. The whole thing is quite relaxing, very healthy for your respiratory system and you. I suggest you find something comfortable to lie down on using the floor. You don’t need lots of room. Use a pillow for your head if needed (ie if the head tilts back when lying on the back)      

Easing The Upper Limbs – 60 mins – ATM

    A gentle enquiry starting with the fingers and moving up into the shoulders. Find a comfy place to sit, maybe with a table to rest your arms on or a cushion on your knee. You will need to be able to lie down for the last part of the video so make sure there’s somewhere prepared to do that. Just as a personal note, Have myself suffered in the past with finger, wrist and joint pain. There are some psychological practices to go into and also try removing certain foods from your

Turning the head around a circumference set – 60 mins – ATM

  You will need a chair on which to sit or cushion to sit on the floor to do this. You will also need somewhere to lie down comfortably. As with all of these learning forms I urge you to take it very gently. Come back and do it again after a good nights sleep. Be very gentle. Misgivings …. then don’t do it. Otherwise this is quite brilliant, it takes some mastering. Several hours after see how you walk. Any changes please leave a note below.        

The Four Points – 60 mins – ATM

The importance of the developmental stages each of us goes through to end up walking on two legs cannot be underestimated. Reaching back we can improve on our foundations, improving the past changes the future. You’ll need a very comfy area for your knees as we spend a lot of time on all fours with this exploration. Take the time and see the difference in your uprightness and walking that manifests some hours after this lesson. Any feedback is great.