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Breathing Pranayama

Breathing Pranayama

  • Alunoma Viloma with retention 8mins 44secs

    Alunoma Viloma with retention 8mins 44secs

    Little bit of description here about this practice with the practice itself to follow. Only follow it if its very comfortable to do so. 
  • Anuloma Viloma - 4mins 45secs

    Anuloma Viloma - 4mins 45secs

    Short version of this wonderful cleansing breath. I do this on a daily basis. Never strain or force the breathe in any way. Give it time to develop and come around. This is a relatively short retention to enable an easy practice. It will clear the nostrils, relive tension and assist in good health and metabolism. Never underestimate the benefits of a sound breathing practice. Work this into each day 6 days a week.
  • Kapalabahti Cleansing - 4mins 20secs

    Kapalabahti Cleansing - 4mins 20secs

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    Cleansing breath, please watch the video to the end as you need to observe a no go if you've an ear or eye problem. Drop me a line if your not sure. Otherwise take your time to get it right, its a super healthy breathing technique.
  • Alternate Nostril - 4mins 30secs

    Alternate Nostril - 4mins 30secs

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    Once you've watched this video through and learned what to do, the actual breathing practice will only take you 90 seconds or about two mins. Do not underestimate the benefits of this simple practice. Breath is life!