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ATM Body Therapy

ATM Body Therapy

  • Lifting Head to Heels 1hr 2mins

    Lifting Head to Heels 1hr 2mins

    Giving self traction to the neck and shoulders we find connection and tension release down through the body. It is a simple thing to do don't be put off by the title.
  • Dynamic Pelvic Shoulder 59.25mins

    Dynamic Pelvic Shoulder 59.25mins

    An inspired session to reorganise the way you move focusing on freedom of movement and ability between the shoulders and pelvis.
  • Eyes and Knees 52 mins

    Eyes and Knees 52 mins

    Posture and vertical organisation through the medium of the eyes --- and knees!
  • Lateral Clavicle 54 mins

    Lateral Clavicle 54 mins

    Lateral movement of the head helps to release tension in the neck and define a centre for carrying the senses.
  • Pelvic Windows 59 mins

    Pelvic Windows 59 mins

    If you're going to do one thing this week to improve the way you are you, this is it. You'll become an over night legend and the slinkiest mover on the street. Needing more encouragement - pinch yourself.
  • Middling Pelvis 57 mins

    Middling Pelvis 57 mins

    The seat of propulsion - great for your energy, for your back and for your being.
  • Extending Hip and Shoulder 59 mins

    Extending Hip and Shoulder 59 mins

    Difficult to describe the benefits of these movements because improv ing one area improves the whole bod. Needless to say this focus is on the Hip and Shoulder. Venture forth
  • Right Angle Arms 1hr 4mins

    Right Angle Arms 1hr 4mins

    For freeing and discovery for the chest and shoulders
  • Where Eyes Rest 1hr 6mins

    Where Eyes Rest 1hr 6mins

    If you wear contacts then please take them out before doing this. If you a detached retina or are having serious mechanical problems with your eyes take advice before doing this. Its very simple and oft has great results. If you do wear glasses you might only manage part of this on your first sitting. Do not continue after you're ready to stop. Come back to it another day.
  • Arm to free an Arm 59mins 23secs

    Arm to free an Arm 59mins 23secs

    Excellent enquiry here for the Shoulders, Neck, Chest and Spine. Use extra pillows to support the arms if they do not comfortably come over the head in the beginning. Work carefully and sensibly without causing yourself pain. The outcome will then be quite a pleasant one. Very lovely for the neck seems to be the general consensus.
  • Articulating Forward 1hr 2mins

    Articulating Forward 1hr 2mins

    If you don't sit so well on the floor you'll need a chair to work from as well as a space to lie down on the floor. We sit and repeatedly bend forward to improve the articulation of the spine. Good for Spines, Shoulders, Necks and Backs. Come back to it after a few days and repeat if you can. 
  • Twisted Arms - 6mins 30secs

    Twisted Arms - 6mins 30secs

    Done gently this allows the system to find right organising in the arms and shoulders in reaching. It can be quite rejuventaive and helps the system keep the shoulders free and fluid. Pick up a good habit with twisted arms from Movement Intelligence
  • Pelvic Clock - 25mins

    Pelvic Clock - 25mins

    The Prime Movers attach around the Pelvis. In this simple lesson we are able to assess our ability to move the pelvis and progress and refine that ability. In so doing we will be able to improve our performance and reduce the effort needed for propulsion. You may find certain aches or pains dissolve in the back, neck, shoulders and beyond. Once youve learned this it can be repeated in a short time to self service. In short, its brilliant and more than worthy of learning.
  • Kneeling Side Bend - 26mins

    Kneeling Side Bend - 26mins

    Its an interesting thing to work just on one side of the body which is what we do here. Try this out and then later on come back and follow the instruction but swap sides.
  • Wave Foot Crossover - 26mins 30secs

    Wave Foot Crossover - 26mins 30secs

    This learning process is well worth taking the time to become familiar with. Once you've become adept at the details it need only take you a few minutes to do. Personally I do it a couple of times a week and after a long day to help my body return to a neutral. In the first instance take your time and follow the video as you practice (or listen to the audio and use the video just to clarify) and go as far as you can comfortably. Simply the pressing on the wall coupled with the breath and eyes will have a desirable effect on your system alone. Learn the rest of it, particularly if I have advised you to do so. Come back to the parts you cannot do today, tomorrow.
  • Shoulder Roll Audio - 36mins

    Shoulder Roll Audio - 36mins

    There is no rushing this learning process. The required adjustment comes by taking your time with this, exploring gently and observing differences. The observations brought to your awareness help bring about your self healing. Find somewhere comfortable to lie down and stretch your arms out to the sides at right angles to your body, look to make sure the arms are level with the shoulder if this is possible for you. Otherwise begin at a comfortable position and see if your system will naturally adjust over several separate sittings of this audio. Give yourself time. Do this audio several times with at least a couple of days in between each go.
  • Differential Rotation - 38mins

    Differential Rotation - 38mins

    Developing your ability to rotate prime areas of the body independently, in conjunction with or contra to other prime areas. A basic lesson. Done lying on the floor, make a comfortable space and begin.
  • Calibrating Muscle Groups - 50mins

    Calibrating Muscle Groups - 50mins

    This learning process will help you to reorganise the balance between the two muscle groups. The outcome depends on what you arrived with. So take your time to try this out and see what benefit you gain. I am sure you will find something quite pleasant and beneficial
  • Minster Chambers Easy Session Audio - 54mins

    Minster Chambers Easy Session Audio - 54mins

    Make a comfortable space to lie down, don't forget a cushion for your head if you need one. This is a recorded session form early 2020 at the Minster Chambers - Ive named it Easy but if you're inspired to give it a name please let me know!?!
  • Four Points - 55mins

    Four Points - 55mins

    The importance of the developmental stages each of us goes through to end up walking on two legs cannot be underestimated. Reaching back we can improve on our foundations, improving the past changes the future. You'll need a very comfy area for your knees as we spend a lot of time on all fours with this exploration. Take the time and see the difference in your uprightness and walking that manifests some hours after this lesson. Any feedback is great.
  • Upper Limb Ease - 56mins

    Upper Limb Ease - 56mins

    A gentle enquiry starting with the fingers and moving up into the shoulders. Find a comfy place to sit, maybe with a table to rest your arms on or a cushion on your knee. You will need to be able to lie down for the last part of the video so make sure there's somewhere prepared to do that. Just as a personal note, Have myself suffered in the past with finger, wrist and joint pain. There are some psychological practices to go into and also try removing certain foods from your diet. Surprisingly for me stopping drinking coffee appeared to make the difference. If you want to explore ideas im happy to chat.
  • Head Around a Circumference - 58mins

    Head Around a Circumference - 58mins

    You will need a chair on which to sit or cushion to sit on the floor to do this. You will also need somewhere to lie down comfortably. As with all of these learning forms I urge you to take it very gently. Come back and do it again after a good nights sleep. Be very gentle. Misgivings .... then don't do it. Otherwise this is quite brilliant, it takes some mastering. Several hours after see how you walk. Any changes please leave a note below.
  • Lesson in Breath - 1hr

    Lesson in Breath - 1hr

    Gentle exploration in to the way we exhale and from where. Also a simple and old fashioned method for helping lung function. The whole thing is quite relaxing, very healthy for your respiratory system and you. I suggest you find something comfortable to lie down on using the floor. You don't need lots of room. Use a pillow for your head if needed (ie if the head tilts back when lying on the back)
  • Coccyx Free the Neck 1hr

    Coccyx Free the Neck 1hr

    An unusual enquiry to move the pelvis in a way independently from the head. The lesson was devised to offer the bones of this classic feldenkrais along with other experiences to help improve neck function.
  • Slippery Scapula - 1hr

    Slippery Scapula - 1hr

    Approach this whole hour gently, just do whats comfortable. Its a simple and gentle practice.
  • Turning the Arm Around a Circumference - 1hr 2mins

    Turning the Arm Around a Circumference - 1hr 2mins

    This is quite a challenge. Not a massive one but you do need to just take your time and not exceed your capabilities. Work to a maximum of 7/10 of your ability. The results ive had have been very good. Id be really pleased to hear of your results.