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One with Nature


Adams Philosophy - discovered so far.


  • There is an organisation dynamically and a neutral rest position for the musculo-skeletal system that generally allows it to function as nature intended. I work to help you attain, maintain and fine tune this organisation to your possible best.
  • All hopes and dreams are delivered by living things. Sometimes I am receiving the parts that fulfil my dreams, other times I am used to deliver in part, the dreams of others.
  • It might be seen that reality can or does travel in two directions. Many see the world as though it comes in toward us as we go along and may not take the matter further. Through the fruits of my studies I conclude it does consistently work in both directions in an endless cosmic dance. This is an art form to work with.
  • I believe that one is best to take a theory and work with it for oneself over a period of time before accepting or rejecting it. Fruit takes a while, but always comes. Nothing is ever wasted.
  • I follow my own path, no specific religion, practice dogma or doctrine. I meet many incredible people, practices and experiences over time. I see all as signposts on the journey. I find it of little use to cling to the signpost, because I trust that what brought me here will take me there.
  • I feel it imperative to be aware of and use the inner compass encouraging others to know similar.
  • At the meeting point of the four elements life will dwell.
  • From ashes and dust the living creates. Nearly all of those things your eyes rest upon this day will disintegrate in the future. All the meaning they have you have given too them.
  • You can not give something unless you have it.
  • That which appears to be a losing hand often turns out to be the stepping stone to success.
  • Of the four elements, one is quite misleading.
  • We are infectious sponges, to our furtherance or detriment.
  • Your time is marked by the beat of your heart, not the tick of a clock
  • Belief is a very powerful thing
  • There appear to be mainly two types of people, those that divide men and those that join them. I am the latter and encourage others and myself to root out and disperse thoughts and actions of the former. In conversations or advices that you might ask of me, you will be helped to find a solution with this principal in mind.
  • In your hands is the salvation of the world. How are you getting on?
  • There is only one rule in meditation, there are no rules.
  • I do my best to avoid judgment. When I consider deeply the world and actions of the individual I see also that a rainbow is created by the circumstances surrounding it.
  • I encourage the individual to take full responsibility for their actions and that which is happening within them and around them. To ask oneself of all things "how do I do that?" followed by some consideration is a worthwhile practice.
  • I appear to have arrived some years ago at an experience of the world as one whole thing. Cause creates effect which in turn becomes a cause. The nature of such a truth is that it disappears as soon as it begins to be described, perhaps because it needs to be used to make the description. It cannot be in two places yet it is in all places. There in the secret!
  • Voice, the human hand and being able to turn around our own axis sets humans apart from other creatures.
  • I accept myself as a walking contradiction. I am gentle and accepting of mine and the human condition.
  • I discovered that a thing that I like is happiness. Many things make for short lived happiness. To help another, sometimes in the smallest way creates happiness which can be endless with continued practice. Provided the act itself is the end and not expectant of reward.
  • I went in search of knowing who I am. Along the way I discovered that such a question is to chase to the end of a rainbow. Driving up the M3 that rainbow landed on the bonnet of my car and remained there for several minutes. The question changed, I went in search of knowing what I am. Amidst many things I now know I know nothing and it knows me.


My awareness is here without any effort, through thick and thin, the same it remains.