Some fascinating studies from around the globe
Some fascinating studies from around the globe

I look to all of my knowledge and offer a cross section of my skills to help you

An introduction to the way that I work with people


I integrate these practices to assist you toward maintaining your health, to help you rehabilitate from pain and dysfunction.

Tuning your system for best performance.

  • Neuroplastics capitalises on the natural ability of awareness and self adjustment of the human organism. Using this science together, we are able to directly communicate with your central nervous system allowing it to rapidly create new ways to organise moving, thinking and dynamic posture that better suit your needs.
  • Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and Manipulative Therapy applied gets the muscle, tendon and ligament in as best condition to perform as your nature will allow and the skeleton and joints to operate as best they can.
  • Using one or several of the eight principles of Yoga I am able to direct you to expand the parameters of your physical and/or mental ability,  improve your focus, concentration, ability to perform, breath and discover further your ability to change your viewpoint in matters that require some creativity.  I also practice and teach Meditation.
Coupled together in whichever ratio is required at the time of your visit, you will find an intelligent and effective service at your disposal.


Bespoke – Individual – We take our time.
Bespoke – Individual – We take our time.



Unique solutions to change perpetuating factors. We together look at the person with the problem, not the problem with the person. Growing from the experience.I offer appointments at the office in Southwell that last between thirty minutes and two hours, dependent on your requirements. At our first appointment, I begin work with you, we will also asses and discuss your needs and negotiate a plan to go forward (if required) that best suits you.

Common problems I assist clients with:

Bad backs

Neck pain

Shoulder problems



Tennis/Golfers elbow

Postural problems,

Hyper tension,

TMJ function,

Knee injury/dysfunction

Ankle problems,

Chronic pain,

Muscle strain,

Joint dysfunction,

Lack of energy/ Lethargy


Body Service (monthly)


Full body massage

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