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Following my passion to learn who I am, what we are…
Following my passion to learn who I am, what we are…

Adam Ward - Biography

Adam is recognised by several thousand clients as a competent and highly effective practitioner in dynamic postural organisation. Here you will be assisted to regain and maintain health, relieve pain or improve performance.

Adam is a practicing Yogi of some thirty years and is following a path to enlightenment through his own meditative and profound practices. He follows no specific religion, doctrine or dogma. He specialises in assisting clients to develop fresh neurological patterns that allow them to approach life in an evolved manner for a variety of ends.


Particular Skills:

  • Offering insight/perspective for tricky, profound situations or where wise council is needed.
  • Relieving pain and dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system.
  • Meditation, self enquiry and the study of the nature of being.
  • Improving the performance of a group or individual.
  • Maintenance of clients for continued well being and quality of life


Education, Studies and Professional Qualifications:

20 years and continuing; Running a business that provides a health, wellbeing and performance service locally in Nottinghamshire.

3 years; In depth study to develop a series of neurological movement patterns that improve the ability of the Golfer to play Golf.

3 years; Senior Trainer for Movement Intelligence.

12 years; worked with Ruthy Alon as Pioneer Trainer developing and teaching Movement Intelligence

3 years; Studied privately and with Nottingham Trent Uni developing a series of movement patterns specifically designed to improve the ability to ride horses.

4 years; MBS Academy professional training

2 years; Midland School of Massage professional training as Remedial Masseur, Manipulative Therapist and Sports Injury.

3 years; RG Foundation full time residential student of profound and philosophic learning using Yoga as a medium which was also awarded as a professional qualification.

31 years; Began a personal Yoga practice encompassing the eight limbs, that has continued to and over this period

Adam has lectured and worked with various establishments including:

NHS, Physiotherapy in Energy Medicine, British Society of Psychology,

University’s of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent and Notts Hollinwell Golf club.